Download Charles and Frances Hunter COLLECTION (51 Books)

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Download Charles and Frances Hunter COLLECTION (51 Books)

Charles and Frances Hunter, the Happy Hunters, legendary figures in the body of Christ, are known around the world as two of the most anointed and energetic evangelists on earth! Come and draw from the special anointing of these two unique people! It will totally change your life as you partake of what God has for you.

They have ministered in 49 nations around the world and in every one they have seen awesome healings. In the United States, they see exactly the same thing. In Bogotá, Colombia, they saw 100 people get out of wheelchairs in one service. It was an incredible display of the power of God. They have appeared on many television programs around the world.

They have had thousands of people healed of back problems of all kinds. This is one of the areas that they demonstrate in all of their healing meetings because 80% of the world has back problems. They are known for teaching people how to minister healing to the sick.

They are authors of over 72 very powerful and best-selling books, including, HOW TO HEAL THE SICK which has been translated so that 85% of the world can read this incredible book in their own native language. They also have 7 and 15 hours of video/DVD teaching on this subject in most languages of the world which have changed lives all over the world!

Your life will never be the same once you attend a Hunter meeting, watch their videos and read their books and draw from their anointing. They have an incredible anointing in the area of healing and the baptism with the Holy Spirit! Plan now to be on the receiving end of what God has for you.

Their daughter, Joan Hunter, has taken over the leadership of Hunter Ministries since the passing of her mother, Frances Hunter, in July of 2009. Charles passed away in June 2010. She flows in a greater anointing than her parents and has authored several books and travels worldwide just as they did.

Joan traveled with Charles and Frances for over 35 years and co-pastored a church in Dallas for 18 years. Joan currently lives in Pinehurst, Texas where her ministry is located.

Joan Hunter Ministries’ mission statement is to equip the believers to take the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church to the 4 corners of the earth. Joan has the main thrust of dealing with the root causes of sickness – stress, unforgiveness, generational curses, etc. – so all sickness has to leave and cannot come back. Click here to view her schedule.

Click to Download Charles and Frances Hunter COLLECTION (51 Books) (Mobi, Epub & PDF) 

A Daily Declaration Brings Us Closer To God!
Angels On Assignment
Are You Tired
Come Alive
Compel Them To Come
Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear
Don’t Limit God
Feasting On Prosperity
Freedom Beyond Comprehension (Joan Hunter)
Healing The Heart (Joan Hunter)
Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!
God’s Conditions For Prosperity
God Is Fabulous 30th Anniversary Edition
Go Man Go!
Follow Me
God’s Big
Handbook For Healing
Healing Explosion Coordinator Manual
Healing Is For You
Healing Starts Now! Expanded Edition (Joan Hunter)
Supernatural Provisions (Joan Hunter)
Healing The Whole Man (Joan Hunter)
Healings, Miracles, And Supernatural Experiences (Joan Hunter)
Power To Heal (Joan Hunter)
Covering The Basic (Joan Hunter)
His Power Through You
Hotline To Heaven
How Do You Treat
How To Develop Your Faith
How To Heal The Sick
How To Make Your Marriage Exciting!
How To Receive And Maintain A Healing
How To Walk In Victory
I Don’t Follow Signs & Wonders… They Follow Me!
I’m So Glad To Be Alive
If You Really Love Me
Impossible Miracles
Let This Mind Be In You
Memorizing Made Easy
Miracles Miracles Miracles
Shout The Word Stop The Thief
Strength For Today
Supernatural Horizons From Glory To Glory
The Angel Book
The Devil Wants Your Mind
The Two Sides Of A Coin
There Are Two Kinds Of….
To Receive And Minister The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Why Should I Speak In Tongues?
You Can Do It, Too!

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