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Download Dale Arthur Fife Book Collection

The Hidden Kingdom

“Once upon a time” are words that every child learns to hang on to with bated breath as his imagination is prepared to take him on an adventure. Adults have those words deeply embedded in their consciousness, and every time they hear them, they reclaim the lost resources of their childhood and become young again, sitting on the edge of adventure. Jesus, the Master Storyteller, impacted the hearts and minds of His listeners with what I like to call “parabolic speech.”

It is story, it is metaphor, and it puts you right into the event so that you can experience the experience of the experience for yourself. Dale Fife is both a dear friend and a great man of God. He also happens to be a masterful storyteller as well as a powerful practitioner of spiritual truth and the demonstration of God’s power. For Dale, intimacy with God is what it’s all about. He stands today as one of God’s vessels to bring about a restoration of kingdom truth and power by the subtle graces of symbol, image, metaphor, and even “once upon a time” kind of power.

The book you now hold in your hand is an adventure of a lifetime. Join this master storyteller as he takes you on a journey, a journey so seamless you won’t know where the earthly story ends and heavenly reality begins. That is the way God has always wanted it to be. Your life will be transformed simply by the experience of reading The Hidden Kingdom. What you do with what you experience will determine the level of transformation in those whom you touch because of it.

Mark J. Chironna, Ph.D.

Author, musician, and host on TBN-TV Overseer,

The Master’s Touch International Church Orlando, Florida

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The Secret Place [epub]
The Hidden Kingdom [epub]
The Light Giver [epub]

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